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Since 1954 –LifeLinks has been providing services and supports in the Greater Lowell area to adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families

Residential Services:

17 Group Homes –serving 67 individuals

  • 7 – Lowell
  • 5 - Dracut
  • 3 - Chelmsford
  • 1 - Tewksbury
  • 1 - Westford

Individual Supports:

  • 47 individuals receive case management services in their own homes- predominantly in the downtown Lowell area

Shared Living:

  • 34 individuals Live in the home of a caregiver

In total nearly 150 persons receive some type of residential services from LifeLinks

Day Services - Community Center/ Community Connectors Day Programs:

  • Day services provide therapy, socialization and basic skills development

In total over 150 individuals receive day services from LifeLinks

Family Support Service Center:

  • serves 600+ families per year
  • 250 receive stipends for respite, recreation, stipends for durable goods and services
  • 350 receive information and referral services plus emergency family support services

Family Partnerships of the Northeast:

  • serves 75 families of children who are medically fragile
  • Intensive case management, support during medical crisis, respite recreation, stipends for durable goods and services
  • DDS/DESE Program – serving 30 families with intensive, in-home behavioral supports
  • Social/Recreation Programs – hosting over 15 social activities per year with 180 participants
  • Education/Advocacy – providing over 150 hours of formal advocacy support to 20 families

In total over 500 families receive support from LifeLinks


  • Annual Holiday Party attended by 400 guests
  • Healthy Lifestyles Walking Group
  • Healthy Lifestyles Boot Camp
  • Movie Nights

Quick Facts:

  • Lifelinks Annual Budget is 16+million annually, the majority of which is spent in the Greater Lowell area
  • LifeLinks employs 325 staff who work 24/7 365 days a year providing the highest quality services and supports to some of the most vulnerable populations
  • Summer Urban Youth Employment Program

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